Styling Your Coffee Table | Ideas And Sources

With Pinterest and Instagram ruling our social lives, everything has to look pretty and picture perfect. There are so many beautiful ideas out there that are easily done at home without the need for a designer! Simple coffee tables with some nice decorative candles, vases, and books can create the looks we see all over Pinterest.

To create the ‘Pinterest’ coffee table look, you will need the following:

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The Best Coffee Table Books: Timeless Classics

One of the things that will never go out of style, is a good book. Whether to read, gift, or just display, a good book is always on trend.

Styling a room is not complete without a beautifully styled coffee table. One of the classiest trends is adding beautifully designed books. Books could be topic themed, for example fashion books or art books, or could be color themed, gold tones, grey-scale, black and white.etc.. Bigger books are nicer. I always prefer same size books to give a more architectural and organized feel. In this post I will share a few of my favorite looking books for your table or open shelves.

Fashion Books:

The Dior book is my favorite, I am a sucker for Black & White photography, and more if combined with a brand like Dior.

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Fendi Casa 2018 Collection | Luxury Furniture

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Every year, furniture brands from around the world race to reveal their latest collections. They either add new pieces or elaborate on existing ones, with more versions or extra details.

Why would I dedicate an entire post to Fendi Casa?

Well, I, for one, have been monitoring the brand since its early years. It started as a fashion brand with a few pieces that were very ‘fashion’ oriented. The shift in the past 5 years has been tremendous. The finishing, the avant garde designs, the number of annual releases are astounding. I can’t but be in awe of this luxurious brand and the people behind it.

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My Favorite Furniture Pieces: 2018 Edition

Every year all furniture brands release their latest designs usually showcased in international fairs such as Salone Del Mobile: every April in Milan Italy, Maison et Objet in France: in January and September of every year, Highpoint Market in NC, USA : every April and October, among others such as Maison et Objet: in Moscow or Shanghai, Imm Cologne:  in Germany, etc.

During these fairs we can understand the new trends, get to know new designers, check out new collaborations, all this will create a type of competition for better designs.

Favorite Sofas and Sectionals of 2018

*Granville by Minotti.

My all time favorite brand is Minotti. Many would agree with me because of its timeless yet very modern designs and impeccable finishing. It’s pricey, but worth every penny. The new fabrics launched for 2018 were as good if not better than all their previous collections. Most colors are neutrals, hints of color or print are part of the collection but in the most elegant way possible. This particular sofa has lovely angles. The armrests have a unique architectural vibe to them.

*Caesar by Fendi Casa

One of the most luxurious sofas this year. The lines are just beautiful, the fabric selection is so luxurious, and yet very versatile and comes in many forms and shapes.

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Home Design Trends 2019: What To Expect


2017 and 2018 were very big on interior design. Many new trends emerged and many old ones made a grand comeback. 2018 was mainly about greenery, adding earth elements such as terracotta, rose gold metals, brass and bronze, and patterns. Millennial pink and different shades of green and blue were everywhere.

With social media dominating more than ever before, interior design has a major opportunity to be in the spotlight and be admired and noticed by people from all walks of life.

Analyzing the past few years and how trends have been emerging and taking shape, I will share with you my forecast for home design trends of 2019.

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Interior Design Tips: How to Make A Small Space Look Larger

In the past couple of decades we are noticing people are moving more and more towards living in cities. As space is very limited in metro areas, real estate can be very expensive, which is why apartments are getting much smaller.

You might be living in a dorm room, sharing an apartment with someone, or just happen to have a small apartment. These are not excuses not to enjoy your space. In this post I will share with you great interior design tips that will make your space look larger and more airy.

Since interior design is about creating solutions, keep reading to learn who you can create an illusion of a larger space.

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