Best Silk Pillow Cases: Review and Comparison

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  1. Hi – wanted to send you a quick note how much I really like this post – my wife has been asking me to buy here some silk pillow cases and I had no idea until I came across your site – awesome information – many thanks for the help as I too am on a tight budget and will go for the Yanibest option

  2. I always love the products you find. You mention that the EXQ Home Satin Pillowcase set is hypoallergenic, but then you state that the product is based of 100% Polyester microfiber. Do you know if this is treated with Purotex? Purotex has been used  to help alleviate excessive allergens in your bedroom.

    It’s an interesting concept.

    When friction is created between the pillow and the sleeper’s body the probiotics are activated. Body and fabric friction forces small parts of the treatment’s capsules to opened and activate the probiotics. The probiotics saturate the bacterial capacity of the fabric and by doing so, reduce the risk of dust mite allergen development. It also aids in stunting the growth of molds and harmful bacteria.

    Do you have any information on this?


    1. I love how informed you are! for the EXQ satin pillowcase,the manufacturer indicated it is hypoallergenic but not sure on what basis and what they use.
      I am an avid follower of skincare and haircare trends, and for the past few years alot of research has been made concerning the effect of silk or satin on skin and hair, mainly as you mentioned because a smooth surface reduces the friction between the skin and hair against the pillow, which can result in less breakage (hair) and less skin irritation. As for probiotics and bacteria, I don’t have info on that, thank you for your insight!

  3. This is a timely post for me – I’m in the process of replacing the silk/satin pillow cases that I use now, and I’m glad to see you’ve placed these options here :). The first one you’ve listed there seems like a really nice and high-quality product, which is just what I need. Thanks for sharing!

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