Decorative Square Cushions on a Budget: Transforming Your Seating

6 Replies to “Decorative Square Cushions on a Budget: Transforming Your Seating”

  1. Nice selection!
    I, too, am a fan of ombre. Bummer that the cushion only comes in one color, but I would be tempted to redecorate to make everything match it lol.

    I am also loving the waffle weave, but it tragically does not ship to Canada 🙁

    Thank you for some awesome ideas!

  2. Ok, now I know why my wofe has so many pillows around the house. I’ll have to check and make sure she hasnn’t been visiting your site too much. 🙂

    I do like tour site it informs as well as helps with suggestins for a better decorative look for your home.

    Great look.


  3. Quite informative and interesting on how one can transform your living area with a few well placed cushions.  The cushion designs reviewed are quite attractive and I also enjoy neutral colors.  

    I also appreciate the good job you did in your descriptions of each cushion.  This makes it much easier to decide on what best works in a person’s home.

    Thanks so much for this informative post.

  4. The ombre brach effect is definitely my favorite. Your living room or even your bed will look so much fuller and nicer. These pillows are stuffed animals for adults in my opinion. Now my concern is are they laundry machine washable? I do have allergies, so I do wash my pillows regularly. Other than that all your lists are so affordable.

  5. This is an interesting review and you definitely know what you’re talking about. I’m not very big on decorative cushions but my wife is, and whenever we’re redecorating, everything needs to match. These cushions all look really beautiful and comfty and I’m definitely going to have a hard time deciding which one to get 😉

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