Easy Ways To Organize Your Home: Using Storage Units

In the era of shopping obsession, no matter how much space you have you end up buying more than you need. The only way to deal with the extra stuff we buy is by organizing them properly in a way we can still see them to use them and yet keep our space tidy enough. Thankfully the market of ‘storage bins and containers’has picked up very well due to popular demand, otherwise moms everywhere would be going ballistic. Pinterest has had a great role in influencing people to create picture-worthy labeled containers to use around the kitchen and in home garages as well. Let’s list below the easy ways to organize your home.

Kid Rooms

This is where things get the messiest, whether there are preschoolers or high-schoolers, all have their own kind of mess.

The beauty of storage containers is that there are all types and sizes out there. IKEA has nice options for play areas, they have a specific line that can be inserted into a wooden structure making everything look seamless and well-kept.

* Toy containers: these are larger and preferably on casters to allow kids to put them back and take control over tidying up their rooms.

* Desk organizers: These are perfect to hold pens, markers, erasers and all those small things that would mess up the room. Via a website I recently discovered: https://neatmethod.com/shop/.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

* Make up organizers: These have become heavily popular lately with all the makeup craze that has been going on in the past 5 years. At one time a lady would have owned 2 blush pans, now the average woman has at least 5.

* Laundry baskets

* Shoe organizers: These are helpful in all bedrooms, best used for shoes that are not used during that particular season. They come in different dimensions and can be stacked perfectly on top of each other.

* Bathroom cabinet organizers

Daily Living Rooms


* Storage baskets: usually placed on shelves hiding away certain books, cables, etc. and still looking nice. Baskets are the perfect choice for living areas as they has nice texture and add warmth.



* Kitchen jars and containers: I love these, so helpful specially for refillable items such as rice, flour, sugar, and coffee. Labels are a great touch, they look so ‘Pinterest’ worthy!

* Pantry organizers: This is probably my favorite organizing image via neatmethod.com. Love the idea of having several types of storage units giving it a stylish look instead of looking like a simple warehouse. It’s actually something you would enjoy looking at.

* Under sink organizing: This is usually one of the messiest parts of the kitchen, love this idea also by neatmethod.com

Where to purchase

As I mentioned, containers and storage units are easily available now. One of my favorite sites is The Neat Method, they have several locations around the US, I also love IKEA, The Container Store, Target, Ace Hardware, and Muji.

The types of containers in the market are endless, it’s a matter of choosing the right type for its purpose. As long as they allow you to save space and facilitate finding your things to enable you to use them more often, then they are doing the job.

All the best of luck in finding your perfect storage solutions!





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