Echo Plus 2nd Generation Review: Why You Need One Now

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  1. Dear Sahar.
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to make towards desirable interior design. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
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  2. I’ve been seeing the Echo Plus 2nd Gen advertised so much during this Black Friday sale so thought I’d check out some reviews. I’m glad I could learn a bit more about it with your review.

    Just curious, is there much difference between the 1st gen and 2nd gen?

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thank you for reading the post and asking. The 2nd generation has better sound, has more finishes, and has the Zigbee built in, meaning that you can automatically connect to your compatible light bulbs and smart locks, it has a temperature sensor, it also supports local voice control. Would definitely go for the second generation, it is a more advanced and updated version of the original echo.

  3. Hi there i saw the echo plus 2nd generation and this review was really helpful because i always wondered how the lights turned on and off and i been wanting to buy one for a while but i like to see reviews.
    Thank you so much,

  4. Thanks for sharing this post . I like the looks of the Echo plus 2nd gen . I received a Google mini last year as a gift but I have to say , while I was grateful for the gift , I wasn’t very impressed. I actually stuck it in a drawer after a few months , it’s probably still there? I see that you mention that the Echo plus comes with a light bulb . Just wondering if I buy a Echo Plus 2 would the light bulbs I buy have to be specific to the Echo Plus 2 . Meaning will  the required compatible  light bulbs only work with the Echo Plus 2 generation ? 

  5. You had me at making announcements in other rooms! Oh the fun we could have. “Boys, stop doing that!” Them: “How did you see me hitting him?” Me “I see everything!” 

    Seriously though this sounds awesome and I’ve been speaking with my husband just recently about how we can start setting this stuff up. We are a bit behind with this, and there is so much opportunity for this to make our lives just a bit easier, and more fun too. Thanks for the food for thought.

  6. Hi and thanks for the interesting review. I think that this quite a nice idea, after all not everyone wants to have Alexa connected to everything in their home. I’m still not a 100% convinced about the price though. But I guess it is a front runner in the market. Thanks again, Kenny 

  7. Wow, I didn’t know it had a ZigBee hun in it!  I have 4 dots and a Sonos One with Alexa so far and I use Alexa and Apple HomeKit for my automation. 

    How much home automation have you played with?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

    I have to say, the Echo Plus, with ZigBee hub built in, is a steal at under $150.

    Thanks again

  8. Wow, I tried to imagine how lights are switched doors are locked and music are played plus you can call anyone inside the house. This is a little robot doing the job for a person. 

    I will try to see this in the market of it’s available, the Echo Plus Second Generation. 

    Thanks for this review. 

  9. How does the announcement work? Do you need to put echo in that room? Or it is just loud enough? It is great though that this little gadget can do so much. Now I gotta star buying everything smart compatible lol Time to save money! Will consider getting it. Thanks

  10. I have an echo spot that I use all the time in my living room. I love how you can see the lyrics to songs on it. I’m thinking about purchasing the echo plus that you are reviewing. It would be a great addition to my bedroom. The second generation echos look nice and I’m sure the sound is much better than the first generation echos.

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