Get The Look: A Miami Beach Apartment

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With Pinterest being the source of inspiration to many,  people are constantly saving images of spaces and things that inspire them. It sometimes gets difficult when they can’t find the source of the products they like or simply  something similar with lower budget in mind.

On the blog, I will post some popular interior images from time to time and help you find similar items to help you ” Get the look”.

Some brands in the design world are considered trend setters. This lovely Miami apartment is furnished by Fendi Casa as part of their advertising campaign a couple of years ago. Without further ado, I will post below a board I created with items inspired by the above living room. Each item is numbered and linked below the mood board.

Hope you like it, let me know what you think and if there are specific rooms you would like me to help you “get the look” for.

1- Safavieh Faustina Cotton Linen Blend Sofa

2- Louise Velvet Pillow

3- Estelle Marble Coffee Table, Black, Chrome Frame

4- Sunbrella Indoor/Outdoor Pouf, Glacier

5- Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

6- Exquisite Rugs,Sanctuary,Silver, 12’x15′

7- Portland 65″ Brass Floor Lamp


13 Replies to “Get The Look: A Miami Beach Apartment”

  1. Great combo to get the Miami look! I like your choices on the mood board better than what is in the photo above. The cotton linen sofa, the white chairs, and the Estelle marble coffee table with the chrome frame combine to bring a lighter and more open feel to the room. The marble coffee table in the photo at the top would be too heavy for my liking. So…I’ll stick with your choices for getting a Miami look! Thanks for the ideas! 🙂 I’ll be checking back for more posts and ideas.

  2. Ow this beach apartment look like a dram home. I love it especially the locations, oh my God. I wish I will have a home like this. Thank you for sharing the info about the accessories as well. I love it:)

  3. This lovely and amazing Miami apartment is really treat for my eyes now. It looks really classic inside with all the accessories like sofa, table which looks like a really high quality one. I wish I can have one of those one day.

    Thank you for bring this Get The Look picture and sharing this with all us.

  4. Hi Sahar – thanks for sharing this lovely article. The Miami Beach apartment is a gorgeous interior style and using your recommendations surprisingly affordable. My favourite piece on your board is the brass floor lamp, which would be a welcome addition in any home, with its vintage look. All the best, Diane

  5. The Miami Beach Apartment which you show really does look lovely, but obviously very expensive to achieve that look.

    So your idea of showing where similar items can be sourced at a far lower price is a great idea.I  Iove the coffee table, and the sofas look so comfy. And your mood board is such a good idea too.

    You are obviously the “go-to” person to ask for help when trying to design a room.

    Thank you so much for your information.

    Chrissie 🙂

  6. Hi Sahar

    I couldn’t help but to notice the abundance of big leave plants strategically placed at the focal point of the room, between the two sofas and on the furthest end. I wonder how the furniture you suggest would look like without this addition- perhaps bleak, cold and metallic?

    That being said, I like the subtle colour play- all soft with only the two poofs somewhat more explicit.

    Would love to own that apartment! It might be easier to make that look good than my suburban “Street 6, second house on the left” style family home close to the school.

    Enjoyed your website.



  7. This post has got some stylish look for a beach apartment, I love the La Perla Modern Classic Light Gray Velvet Contoured Sofa and the Pillows made from Kelly Wearstler’s Channels Fabric on it and the Belgian textured linen panels are designed to bring an airy look and feel to any room. Now this looks like my kind of settings. I love it 

  8. Hi Sahar! I really feel inspired with that view. A beach apartment as the one you show in the picture is a dream home, as Sarah has said. I have actually been looking for something like the Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider displayed in the picture. I’ll get closer to my dream buying a couple of these. I have bookmarked your site to continue getting good designing ideas. Thank you very much!

  9. Hello Sahar, 

    My opinion regarding how the interior of the apartment with ocean view located in Miami Beach looks spectacular.

     My family recently visited Miami Beach is a very beautiful city. 

    I would love to have an apartment with the look you show us. 

    Obviously, the interior design is made by true professionals. 

    I especially love the center table with a modern style as I like it. 

    Thanks for sharing! Claudio

  10. What a beautiful setting,the location and atmosphere shows a state of earth luxury, this will obviously be a nice place for vacation and relaxation. This look exactly like my dream home, I cherish the sofa and table.Thanks for sharing this picture with us. Are you into full time interior design?

    1. Thank you for your comment! I agree, the setting is so luxurious! Yes, Interior Design is my full time job, I work in the field since 1999 🙂

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