Home Design Trends 2019: What To Expect

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  1. Deep green is the temperature of paint inside my home. Personally I’m not a fan of it, but the landlords painted it that color to give it a fresh look. The one thing I really like is the marble counters in my home. They give the home a more elegant look which I appreciate.I love that everyone’s going all green better potential for our planet, but I don’t like it when some sort of different look is being adored which means many people have to take it on because it’s the in thing

    I agree it all does boil down to personal taste, if I was to build my own home I would just stay with light beige colors.

    1. Thank you Jag for your comment. A strong color like deep green could be tricky, it is a dominating color. I like it but personally I would prefer more toned down colors, neutrals are always my favorite to work with. Not because they are easier, but because they give a calmer palette to work around. Marble is beautiful hang on to that! And definitely trends are not to abide by, better use them as inspiration.

  2. Thanks for your insight , funny you mentioned Aqua blue: One of my personal favorites. I just finished doing a renovation on a friends house and they chose to do an Aqua blue color on a feature wall surrounding a gas fireplace with brass accents and stacked stone . Nice post thanks for sharing !! 

  3. This was a very interesting article. My personal tastes tend to run towards “background neutrals” that can be updated easily (and, for me, most affordably) with altering the accents I use with bolder colors. I’m glad you think Terracotta will continue to prevail in 2019. It’s one of my favorites! I had not seen pictures of Sketch in London with its blush pinks before, and that was quite amazing! Not really my style, but it sure makes for a calming and comfortable-looking environment to enjoy a fabulous meal. And like you conclude, it does all come down to personal taste. I have plenty of friends who think my style is “boring,” but I opt for what makes my home my haven. It will be fun to see, as 2019 unfolds, how your predictions hold. ~Cheri

    1. Thank you Cheri for your comment! I am,too, a neutral person. I love neutrals, taupes and beiges are my favorite. As for Sketch, it is nice and i like when commercial places are a bit more daring.

  4. I love interior design it is always cool to make a place look new, but I not good at picking design and colour for my house but that is about to change with this post I will be able to pick the best design that will fit my house this 2019. I am not a fan of terracota it looks shady to me but I love deep Green on my wall it looks mature and warm, thanks for this post it is really helpful.

    1. Thank you and glad i could be of help, neutrals are always a safe bet if you are afraid of color, then add color in smaller items such as armchairs or cushions.

  5. Thanks for the post about design trends for 2019. Marble counters will always be in style. I think I prefer brass metal over rose gold, but that’s just my personal opinion. Which rooms are best for the color pallets of deep green or aqua blue that you would recommend?

    I like the suggestions of white oak more than Walnut wood finishes, but both are always popular. For 2 toned wallpaper, what would be a good suggestion for bedrooms?

    1. Love your feedback! Deep green is nice in a living room, blues and greens tend to lower our pressure slightly making the area relaxing despite both being cool colors. I prefer brass as well, I find rose gold to be a dying trend soon. Walnut is a bit fancier than white oak, i like both depends on the entire palette. For bedrooms I always prefer textured over patterned, different tones of grey (cool theme) or different tones of Taupe or beige (a bit warmer).

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