Interior Design Tips: How to Make A Small Space Look Larger

In the past couple of decades we are noticing people are moving more and more towards living in cities. As space is very limited in metro areas, real estate can be very expensive, which is why apartments are getting much smaller.

You might be living in a dorm room, sharing an apartment with someone, or just happen to have a small apartment. These are not excuses not to enjoy your space. In this post I will share with you great interior design tips that will make your space look larger and more airy.

Since interior design is about creating solutions, keep reading to learn who you can create an illusion of a larger space.

Simple ways to create the ‘Bigger Room’ illusion

* Use Mirrors: I know this may seem like a familiar interior design tip, but in fact it does help. Reflections create an illusion of a larger space, of an extension to the area. The larger the mirror the more area is covered. It doesn’t matter if the mirror is clear or antique, it just has to have reflection. The wall facing the mirror should preferable be simple in design, no strong patterns or materials to not to defeat the purpose of this trick.

* Use Bright Colors: The darker the space the smaller it looks, the brighter it is, the bigger it seems. Light reflects on bright surfaces and hence makes the space look larger.

* Use Patterns in Flooring: This could be a carpet, chevron parquet, pattern flooring and just a simple darker floor finish. The reason this works is that it distracts your vision. Patterns leading to the end of the space are best as they make the floor look longer.

* Add Vertical Patterns or objects: Use wallpaper that has a vertical pattern to elongate the room. The wallpaper has to be light and tone on tone. You can also have a floor to ceiling book case to drag the sight upwards.

* Try not to have more than 2 colors: Have the walls and curtains in the same color, preferably a light one. The additional darker or brighter color is preferably either on cushions or on armchair.

Make the Most of Your Space

Contrary to popular belief, having less furniture is not always helpful in creating a larger looking space. When chosen carefully, the space will look more spacious. When we have less furniture, we tend to have more clutter and hence less space to store our things. The key here is choosing wisely.

* Choose vertical cabinets: that are not bulky but would fit your things (books, cables, coaster, random things you own..)

* Choose sofas that are on high legs: or if you expect company go for a sofa that turns into a bed.

* Focus on your priorities: Enough seating space, TV/work area, eating area if possible, comfortable sleeping area

* Have floor to ceiling cabinets & closets whenever possible: This is not just for s visual effect but for storage purposes as well. You can use the upper part to store off-season clothes in the bedroom, kitchen appliances you don’t use all the time in high kitchen cabinets.


Apply Basic Feng Shui Tactics

If you haven’t heard of Feng Shui, it’s an ancient Chinese study which focuses on energy ( ‘chi’ pronounced ‘qui’) and its flow in your house or space. Some simple ideas used in Feng Shui could help a lot in your perception of the space.

* De-clutter : I can’t emphasize enough how much this helps, both on a physical and mental level. Once you remove everything you don’t need and put things where they are supposed to be, this allows a better flow of energy throughout your space.

* Put Away Wires & Cables: With all the new gadgets, everyone seems to have a pile of cables lying around. Use storage boxes that look nice, they can be purchased at IKEA or similar places. Put these storage bins in an organized way on your shelves or even above you kitchen cabinets if space is too tight. Organizing your things is visually appealing and makes you feel more at ease at home.

* Be organized: Being organized will help with many of the above points. It is hard sometimes to find time and energy to go through organizing, but having the courage to throw away or sell stuff you are not using will help decrease the amount of ‘stuff’you have and thus create a better chance of you organizing. Again try to use storage bins in every area possible, especially the kitchen, kids area, makeup area, TV area, etc. Label containers you will be putting away or in hard to reach places.


Create an inviting environment

Well you might ask how is that an interior design tip. Simple. The fact that you feel your space is small means you are not totally satisfied with it and you are probably reading this post to get the best tips possible. Well my final interior design tip for this post is to create an inviting environment. This could be by using scented candles (be careful not to leave them lit unattended), using crystals such as Amethyst for a calming effect, having some special personal favorite items such as a nice throw you like to cuddle up in on your sofa, a nice set of mugs to enjoy your coffee, or a lovely large painting or artwork on your living room. These simple things make you love your place more, the more you personalize it the better you feel.

It’s all about perception

You can apply as many tips as you want from this post, the more the better. I understand not everything is feasible, and some spaces are too small or some tips maybe beyond your budget. But my advice is that you check what works best for you. Try to accommodate one change at a time to not feel overwhelmed. Start in an order that makes the most sense which means if you are planning on painting the walls, do that first. Then add furniture as you go along and most importantly in small spaces: Keep your space tidy, always de-clutter.





2 Replies to “Interior Design Tips: How to Make A Small Space Look Larger”

  1. Hi there, i always have problems with the space of my house as me and my girlfriend have different opinions and we are so busy that my house always look bulging, now that i have holidays im gonna try use some of this tips.
    Thank you very much,

    1. Thank you for your comment, small spaces are usually the trickiest and most asked about, I would focus on decluttering, getting organizing bins, and adding a large mirror, these are the most effective tips. Good luck!

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