Modern Bedroom Design Ideas: Time For An Upgrade

The purpose of design is not just to make a space aesthetically pleasing, but to provide easy solutions to our requirements. Every room to me is important, but the bedroom is  sacred . It’s where I want to stop thinking of the outer world and just cuddle up and sleep. On weekends, I don’t want to get up, I just want to enjoy the peace and quiet and most importantly my extra comfortable bed.

Since the bedroom is meant to be the most relaxing place and a room for unwinding, it is advisable to make sure you use the right elements to keep it like that. We will start with the basics and  then continue to the design elements.

1- Invest in a great mattress: Luxury in your bedroom starts with a high quality mattress. I know these could get expensive, but consider this the most important advice when comes to designing your bedroom. Your mattress should be made of breathable non-toxic materials and  preferably anti-bacterial. Most mattress suppliers offer a 30 day testing, the one above provide 90 days so that should be enough time to decide whether you like it or not. Firmness is a personal taste, if you can try it before purchasing.


2- Bed Sheets: To complement your mattress, you should get good quality bed sheets, the higher the thread count the better. Show above is an affordable set including a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillow cases with a 1000 thread count! Try not go lower than 400 thread count for the best experience. I personally prefer my bed sheets to be in white, I love the ‘Hotel’ experience. If you like to change from the traditional white, I recommend going for beige or taupe but not other colors.

3- Plush Pillows : This I know is a personal preference, but i like my pillows to be so plush i want to sink in. I think I am just so tired right now, talking about my bed and pillows is making me want to go to sleep!! 😀  Some people prefer the Tempur medical pillows and find them very comfortable for their necks, I prefer the more fluffy types maybe because I am more of a side sleeper.

4- Comforter Set: You can choose to have a lavish style bed spread or a plush comforter. I prefer the latter, the cozier the room the better, the more inviting it is for resting. I love to use neutral colors and lots of pillows. I would also add a runner at the bottom part of the bed, preferable in a color that complements the cushions or duvet.


Kelly Hoppen

5- Room Styling: As shown above, this beautiful setup by Kelly Hoppen features a lovely display of pillows, all in neutral tones, lovely monochromatic artwork on the wall, and a large night table which looks nice and is practical as well. Some personal touch, such as photo frames, nice modern vases, and a stylish table lamp complete a look.

6- Rug or fitted carpet: if you have hard floors such as stone, tiles, or even wood, it is better to have a rug in your bedroom for added softness. It is always a better feeling to stand on a rug than on a cold hard floor when you wake up. In some rooms i use rug runners on the sides of the bed for when you wake up. Fitted carpet in bedrooms and walk in closets are my preferred choice. The carpet has to be anti-bacterial, anti dust-mite, & anti static. Because of the rise of allergies, carpets have been having a bad reputation.

Kelly Hoppen

7- Curtains: Some people prefer to have blinds, others, shutters, personally I prefer to have 2 layers of curtains and an additional blackout if there are no shutters. If you want the hotel feel, the upper curtain layer can have a blackout lining so you won’t need to have a separate blackout. As for the second layer, there are many beautiful sheers now in the market that let in ample light in. A well-lit bedroom indicates health and well being. Check how lovely the above bedroom by Kelly Hoppen is, all elements of the perfect bedroom are present: Good lighting, comfortable bed, nice bedding, neutral tones, simple accessories, simple curtains, nice rug.

8- Nice Armchair: It doesn’t have to be extra, you might only end up using it to put your clothes on or to wear your shoes. A bedroom armchair is preferably upholstered to give a soft look to the bedroom and be comfortable in case you use it. You can add a stylish cushion or a nice throw matching the bedding.

9- Soft bedside lighting: Bedroom lighting should be as soft as possible, I personally use Himalayan salt lamps due to the benefits on breathing& the lovely warm light they emit. This is my preference, but I also love a nice stylish table lamp that goes with everything, similar to the one shown above, but that also depends on the size of the bedside table.

10- Bedside tables: As much as I might like a simple stylish table, let’s be honest, we have to be practical. Drawers are important for storing medication, chargers, night time reading books, etc..  A simple design is best.

11- The Bed: You might wonder why I left this till the end, well in fact when it comes to the bedroom I prefer to focus on the most important sources of comfort, you can have a simple bed frame and nice wallpaper in the background and everything will look nice with nice bedding. But if you have the budget, definitely go splurge on a well-designed bed. This bed though is just  $230 but definitely looks more expensive.

It’s All In A Good Night’s Sleep…

There are endless options to the elements of a bedroom, I prefer to go all neutral and basic and build up from there. As mentioned before, prioritize the mattress in your budget, then the bedding, and then everything else will fall in place. Good quality furniture will last longer and will be better for your health especially when you focus on hypo-allergenic and non-toxic furnishing.

I can’t stress how important a good night’s sleep is, my life changed when I upgraded the essentials in my bedroom, my efficiency and focus were enhanced greatly when I started getting good quality sleep.

Hope this post helped you have an idea on how to go about designing or simply upgrading your bedroom.

Let me know in the comments below what you think!



9 Replies to “Modern Bedroom Design Ideas: Time For An Upgrade”

  1. Great tips!
    I have been searching for the perfect bed frame for a while. I live in a small city with limited shopping and I just got a great deal on a bed in a box.

    They recommend bed frames with slats, like Ikea has, but we have no Ikea nearby. Do you know where I can order a nice one that is almost all wood? Trying to get away from the metal frames.

    1. Hi Irma! Thank you for your comment. I would try ,, or Amazon. You should find nice simple wooden frames, I agree not a fan of metal ones.

  2. There are so many details regarding the layout of a bedroom for which I was previously unaware, especially the thread count of sheets! You’ve put some real time and thought into this article. After reading it, I’m never going to look at bedroom design the same… Thanks for posting this!

  3. This is really cool! I suck at bedroom design and this has given me a great place to start. All your tips were very good and were also well written.

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