Modern Home Accessories: Upgrading Your Interior

In my profession, I always like to start with a circulation layout. This is crucial and the most important step of any interior design project. After that step I go on to place furniture on the plan visualizing the best solution for my client’s lifestyle. After the selection is made, colors are selected, wall finishes are specified, I go on to looking for stylish accessories that would transform any interior.

As we all know, modern home accessories could cost an arm and a leg or you can shop smartly and get trendy pieces that would add glamour to your home.

What To Look For When Shopping For Home Accessories

When looking for home accessories, you need to look for pieces that would flatter the ambiance. This is why I specifically advise to select the furniture first and then go to this step. To make it easier, I will list some tips below.

*If your color palette is neutral and monochromatic, it is best to go for metallic accessories.

* If you are going for a more contrasting theme, I prefer to go for the darker color as the finish of the major accessories. Don’t go overboard though unless your theme emphasizes bold prints or contrasting color.

* If you are unsure, metallic and mirror accessories are always a safe option to go for.

* Avoid replicas, this is the one thing I am really against. I encourage everyone to value designer’s rights and not buy a knockoff of their product, a product which they took time to create and study. If you can’t afford the original, try to go something ‘inspired’, you don’t want fake designs to ruin the whole look.

* Look for items that represent your personality. You don’t want to live in a space that looks like it is out of a catalog. A home should be personal and inviting. This could be represented in nice photos in frames, artwork, traditional or ethnic pieces, etc.

What Home Accessories To Use

* Mirrors: When in doubt, just get a nice mirror. It could hang on the wall, above a console, or lie against a wall if it is long enough. A mirror adds depth to a space and gives an easy solution to an empty wall when you can’t find anything else.

* Vases: this is an easy one but could be tricky. Depending on the surface, you can go for a large vase if you are placing it in the center of a table, or 2-3 different dimensions if placing on a narrower surface such a console or buffet.

* Candles: Candles have been trending strongly the past few years, different heights are preferred. These can be placed around the house. Having a set of 3 if preferable.

* Semi precious stone pieces: these are not just beautiful but also have different attributes depending on the type of crystal you have. I always advise to get the Amethyst, it looks lovely, has a calming effect, and is more affordable than other types.

* Planters: Well I know this is not exactly an accessory but it is very warming to have green plants around the house. Large plants and some smaller ones would add a natural aspect.

* Table & Floor lamps: If you need your side tables for serving or other things, then go for floor lamps. There are endless possibilities and designs you can choose from that well accentuate your furniture.

* Small serving tables or ‘drums’: These act as serving tables for your guests or for your coffee when you don’t want to use the center coffee table which might be placed inconveniently far from you. They now come in sculpture like designs and in many colors and finishes adding a little something to your space.

* Coasters: Coasters don’t have to be in just simple cork or cardboard. Coasters now come in various designs and finishes such as semi-precious stones, metal prints, leather, etc.

* Books: Oh how I love books, books will always be trendy, there is something about authenticating a space when you use nice books. These can be fashion, design, biography, or just simply a good-looking book.

* Stylish Boxes: These can be good-looking containers, cigar humidors, or other types of stylish boxes.

* Stylish cushions: Whether in a bold print, and unusual texture, or a different color, cushions could create a difference with little effort

* Artwork: Painting or sculptures add charm but have to be carefully chosen, as we know art is personal.

Get Personal

If I tell you there is no right or wrong when designing your house, I wouldn’t be telling the whole truth. As much as I recommend you style your house in a way that goes with your lifestyle and personality, there are some minimal rules that are better applied. But as long as you are doing what makes you feel good, you are on the right track. No matter how many designers you get to assist you or how many catalogs you try to emulate, it is always best to add your personal touch, this is the only way your home will really feel like home.





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  1. Smart tips for designing anyone own apartment, coming from a pro, i like the mix between different materials not traditional ones…

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