Modern Marble Coffee Tables: 9 Of My Current Favorites

6 Replies to “Modern Marble Coffee Tables: 9 Of My Current Favorites”

  1. Hi Sahar,
    Woooo you have done it again!
    There is a table for every taste and design. The one more unique than the other.
    I love the Dorian black marble one, the one with the extra space at the bottom and that’s the reason. Love the square design too.
    How do you keep them clean and how to get rid water marks please advice?
    Thank you.
    Bush Lady

    1. Glad you liked them!
      Marble is delicate especially the lighter colors. White marble, in particular, is very absorbing. Some are already treated, some are not and we just have to be careful as we are with our carpets, sofas etc.. I prefer to always use coasters. For darker marble, it is a bit more forgiving. Deep cleaning methods vary depending on the type of stain. Usually, mixtures with baking soda or hydrogen peroxide are used.
      Thank you!

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