Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas: My Favorites List

6 Replies to “Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas: My Favorites List”

  1. I love that indoor BBQ, the only time I will cook is when its a BBQ and having the option of being able to cook a BBQ indoors would work well for me as I have caveman style cooking skills, I might have to buy one for the wife but it’s really for me haha.

    I like that moon light as well would look great in any room.

    1. Glad you like them! Choosing gifts can be tricky but i like how there is a perfect gift for everyone out there 🙂 I think you should really get that BBQ 😉

  2. That moon lamp though…very tempting…but before I do any purchases, I need to hold off until I’m sure I’m getting the money I need for the month. Everybody goes crazy around Thanksgiving and Christmas but for those like me who don’t have a lot to spend, we need to be a bit more pensive…
    That moon lamp looks REALLY good though…

    1. Holidays are fun yet stressful at the same time, being at the end of the year and end of the month, you really want to make sure of your finances before splurging! Let’s hope you get the money you need!, the moon lamp is one of my favorites, looks so real!

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