Recreate the Luxury Hotel Bed of Your Dreams at Home

14 Replies to “Recreate the Luxury Hotel Bed of Your Dreams at Home”

  1. This is seriously a good idea! Thanks! I totally agree with having a featherbed, we already do and it’s great. But we are sure missing a lot for the perfect bed

  2. What a wonderful and simple way to get that perfect look and the bonus is the comfort. Just reading this has made me want to curl up in a luxurious bed and nod off. Thanks great article.

  3. Perfect bed! I bet it’s very cosy. I particularly liked the way you broke it down into different steps making it easy to read and understand. Maybe you could recommend specific brands as well.

  4. This is so useful!
    As someone who has anxiety, having a good night’s rest is invaluable.
    I never even knew about the existence of feather beds, until reading this article. I will be looking into getting one of those immediately!
    Thanks, also, for the 10-minute dryer tip! Throw in some scented dryer towels, and you’ll have a lovely scented sleep too x-)

  5. Thank you what a excellent article with helpful hints. As we spent most of your lifes sleeping or resting … having a good better best bed is crucial. Definitely worth the while.

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