Room Styling: Gold and Blue Dining Room

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  1. Wow, I never would have thought to combine gold and blue. I’m usually more of a gold and green kind of person, but you did an amazing job of showing me that blue can go well with gold as long as you have the right shade of blue! It gives off a very exotic and goddess-like tone to the room. 

    Do you think this color combination would be considered masculine or more feminine? Do you think a man would look less “manly” if he had a home office or his living room decorated with this color combo?

    1. Glad you like this combination! I am loving it alot recently and feel it appeals to many people and of both genders. It isn’t masculine nore feminine, I think you are concerned with the gold more than the blue. I agree it could look to sophisticated for a man’s taste, but with current trends, almost everything is accepted by both genders, people are more open now. Except florals 😀 I think that should remain a feminine look 😀

  2. I’m wondering what your opinion is on a dining room that is nowhere near symmetrical in any way – would this change your outlook on what furniture you decide to put in there?

    We have a large dining room in an old, large converted farmhouse, therefore the overall shape of the room is a bit of a mismatch (nowhere near square or rectangular). Would these modern furniture designs fit in there or would you go for something slightly more old fashioned?

    1. There is always something for every space, an oval or circular table would look amazing in such spaces. No need to go for old fashioned if that’s not the style you like, with new trends we are able to mix styles together and come out with something beautiful and eye pleasing.

  3. My mom has extremely modern taste, and I’ve been searching the web for her because she’s in the middle of an re-do on her dining room.  I haven’t really found all that much that I like, but wow, is this right up her alley.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful that chandelier is, and the sideboard is stunning as well.  The way the chairs compliment the table and how it all ties together, I just know she’s going to LOVE it!!  I just wanted to pop in and tell you I’m so thankful.  I think we can finally close this chapter.  (We’ve been looking for a while).  My mom doesn’t know how to use the internet, lol, so I’m her feet on the ground in that regard.  Thanks so much!

  4. Wonderful design ideas. You have out together an appealing dining area that would be inviting and comfortable.

    How big a room are you planning this for? Seems like 800 watts of light is an awful lot unless you have it on a dimmer switch with maybe a high vaulted ceiling. You might want to include a short description of a room size to give reader a better idea of the overall look.

    Totally agree with you that if chairs are not attractive and comfortable the entire room falls to pieces.

    1. Thank you Barry for your comment. I personally love a very bright dining room, according to Feng Shui it is better to be very well lit to attract good energy. It can be dimmed or we can go for the smaller version depending on the size of the room. But for this table, this chandelier is proportional. Remember there might not be any additional source of light around.

  5. It’s not quite my style, but I love the gold and blue theme idea. That mirror is to die for. I’m more of an early attic decor person myself. I love the old stuff. What made you decide to put these pieces together? I could us some style guide.

    1. It is a different style, doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I like the idea of creating a glamorous room with today’s trends. It’s more of a ‘trendy’ setup.I don’t expect it to appeal to history oriented enthusiasts, maybe I will create a look especially for those who love older styles! thank you for dropping by!

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