Room Styling: Grey and Blush Living Room

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  1. I am in Love with Kelly Wearstler, she has such style and sass. Grey is such a wonderful base colour to work with, my home has a lot of grey accents ,Blinds, light grey linen throws and even a huge grey chalkboard that takes up the whole of my study wall, I see it as a neutral in a way, mixed with blush it looks so stylish. Do you think this colour palette would work with dark wood my new home has dark wood floors that I cant really afford to change at the moment, perhaps you have some other suggestions ?

    1. Thank you for your comment, I am a big fan of Kelly Wearstler as well, she is so creative and edgy. As for Dark wood, I think this palette could work perfectly with it, it all depends on the style you like. Going for an ‘ ash’ toned wood will give it a more Nordic feel. If you prefer to have a brighter space, why don’t you get a very large carpet that would cover up a major chunk of the floor? All the best of luck!

  2. Thanks for your article, but, what’s a mood board?  I imagine it’s got to be related to home decorating given all the wonderful suggestions you show on your article.  Never much paid attention to my home decor until somebody pointed it out recently:  bare walls (as in no pictures), and disparate pieces of furniture just won’t do.  So I’ve determined to take a cue from these hints, and to start looking at how to arrange things around the place.  Your article is a good starting point for me.  Thanks for putting it together.

    1. Thank you for your comment Hugo! Indeed a mood board helps us explain to the client the style of the space and the ‘mood’ which usually has the colors and the feel. Glad you liked the post!

  3. Hello, love your article! I love grey and have a lot of it in my home, I think it looks really stylish! It’s also nice to have muted colours, and not lots of bright shades which are not that relaxing!

    I think it looks really classy and expensive, love the marble and blush touches!

    Great products listed, you really know about interior design! 

    1. Thank you Kate! Well yes I am an interior designer, and furniture is my passion. Neutrals are always the easiest to start with and usually have the longest life span, you don’t tire from them easily. With neutrals, the space can be transformed from a feel to another depending on the color you like to add. 

      Thank you for your comment!

  4. What a wonderful site, very helpful ideas. 

    I really like this article about matching furniture with the different accents. 

    Our house is very small and it is really tough to do many changes to give a room a different look and feel, so I haven’t changed anything in quite a while, but is over due for an update. 

    What are the current color schemes or trends? I am wanting to paint our living room it is currently a pail gray and our living room is about 12′ x 14′ our recliners are a dark brown and our sectional is a multi color cloth gray’s, blues and cream.

    And the carpet is … wait for it… dusty rose… yes I know it needs to go. So was wondering if I should return to having carpet once we finally take it out or do a hardwood or laminate floor as we do have pets both dogs and cats. 

    I look forward to finding out your suggestions.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Monika for your comment! You can do simple changes that would create a facelift for your space. I have a post on the 2019 trends… but when it comes to your home it is better to go with a scheme that you feel comfortable with. Pale grey is an easy base to work with, blues and creams go perfectly with it. As for the flooring, I always prefer hardwood flooring, unless there is a budget issue then you can go for pre-engineered or laminate flooring. They are easily cleanable, won’t be full of allergens and dust and pet hair. You can always put a rug on top to add some style or just warmth.

      Good luck!

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