Room Styling: Kids Bedroom

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  1. Designing a child’s bedroom is not an easy task because you also have to consider the colours you use. It’s very important to use bright colours to make the room a happy zone for the child. I also designed my daughter’s room using stencils of favourite flowers and animals that she loves. Cutting and pasting this designs were really stressful but in the end she loves it and that’s all that matters.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. I really like the idea of your site. It was pretty empty at the top of the page with small pics of the products that you used to decorate the room about halfway down. I don’t know if there’s an app to create a room image with something that seems to show the products together in a pic or screenshot. I used to have a game that I did just this but it was on my phone. I love this and I would be that person coming back to see how you applied it, what you used and trying to figure out why you did. I’d then try to see what I could do to modify it and see what changes. Great job and great information.

  3. Children choices and preferences may really change just as you said but when it does, what then do we do? Once something gets worn out a little a child may begin to detest that thing because the thing or the object has depreciated from its original nature. So when we spend so much money in our children’s room and they tends to dislike those things for no reason, what do we do?

    1. That’s exactly why I mentioned keeping the basic elements neutral and the characters, etc.. on easily replacable items such bedsheets, cushions, posters etc.. That’s the best way for the room to “grow” along with the child. Hope this helps!

  4. I really liked your post. At first when I was reading it I didn’t see the image of the bedroom at the top so I mention it in the comment but I let you know that I love the site post, the idea, and how I would spend time here. It would be cool if there was an app you could put on your site where they can mess around with arranging rooms like the app I mention in the comment. This would make it so people would spend more time on your site and that would help with site rankings too. Great post, great idea for a site and great job for explaining why you did what you did.

  5. Kids Bedroom are normally little, regularly shared, and for the most part lack built-in storage and surplus toys occupy parts of the room and makes it look unkempt. Children can’t remain composed when the storage room is packed, the drawers are full, in such situation, the best solution is to style it in a very simple way. I would love to also use 8 Great tips and be able to achieve a very simple and organised kids bedroom

  6. I really like the looks of Tween 2-Pc. Foam Chairs. I think that handles come in handy for sure. But I wonder how is the cost efficiency of this product?

  7. Hi Sahar
    Love the classic way the kids room are designed. Get the child’s different themes incorporated as they grow, the bed sheets and pillows, cusions, towels and pajamas. Very clever idea.
    The selection of curtains are devine, not only for child’s rooms.
    Thank you for being so practical!
    Bush Lady

    1. Thank you for your comments as usual, I really do believe that practicality is the best way to go, time flies and i always meet clients who regret paying for ‘Car’ themed beds and ‘princess’ sofas, their kids outgrow them so fast and they are stuck with them.

  8. VEry helpful post. I’m getting ready to remodel the bedroom of my 11 yo. Found some great Ideas for remodeling and adding some style to his room. Now to find some time.

  9. I like this design, especially the rug, something I wish I had when I was younger. Overall, I think this is a great design for a kid here in 2019. The lego-based furniture is something I’ve never seen before and is really cool and the Snoopy picture is timeless, still relevant here in 2019 which is amazing. I’m also a fan of a predominate neutral color design, not just in a kid’s room but each room in a house. I’m actually scowling at my parents’ red curtains while sitting here in their rec room which is full of neutral colors minus the curtains!!

  10. Hey, Sahar!
    I love your post and your choices of furniture/decoration. I completely understand what you said about changing preferences. I have a godson and when I think I finally found a new trend he loves, he already changed his mind. And when he sticks to one for long enough, he outgrows them. Oh, Lord!
    But it is all so worth it in the end. I will definitely look into some of these for him. I loved the drawers!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    1. Thank you Barbara! So true, kids are all about changing their minds! I have a house full of collectables from every age, now my son is 15 and we still have his skylanders and bakoguns 😀

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