Room Styling: Monochrome Grey Bathroom

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  1. This looks like what I want my grownup bathroom to like in my house. Really like the wall lights and medicine cabinet mirror and the glass shower is cherry on top…Great article and great visuals!

  2. Hi Sahar,

    Great post. Very detailed. I am not a designer at all so I really admire people like yourself who put so much time and effort in.

    We are looking at building our dream home in a couple of years and will be looking for someone like yourself. Do you ever get to Australia? Haha. May have to pay you to come and design a place for us. Keep up the great work,


    1. Hi! Building your dream house is such an adventure, it will have its bumps specially when dealing with contractors, but you should be good if you hire a professional designer 🙂 Would love to work on your project 😀 i have a large family living there, my sister included! Thank you for your comment, and all the best of luck!

  3. Home decor has always been a huge passion of mine, and I really had a good time reading this article/review. Your post covers every aspect of the bathroom design, And the Monochrome bathroom ideas are totally beautiful and it’s something I definitely want to bookmark for the future. Thank you for this

  4. There are some great ideas in your article on what to include in a bathroom. I especially like the Duravit toilet. The design is sleek. I’ve never seen a toilet like that before. The next bathroom remodel I do I’m going to put one of them in. I also like the clear shower look. I will have to put one of those frame less showers in my bathroom in the future. Thanks for the post. Cool looking bathroom ideas.

  5. Thanks for the great post.  When we built our addition a few years back I would have loved to have seen it.  That said, we ended up with very similar features.  The one thing I really love is the shower door.  Sadly, it won’t work for our layout as we built in a shower seat which prevents the door from sliding enough to provide a wide enough opening.  Our only options are a curtain or swinging door.

    I really like the light fixtures and shower kit you’ve listed here.  They are modern and classy.

    Thanks again

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