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With Pinterest and Instagram ruling our social lives, everything has to look pretty and picture perfect. There are so many beautiful ideas out there that are easily done at home without the need for a designer! Simple coffee tables with some nice decorative candles, vases, and books can create the looks we see all over Pinterest.

To create the ‘Pinterest’ coffee table look, you will need the following:

1- A nice and ‘simple’ coffee table, I recommend simple because I prefer the focus to be on the decorative items not both. If you have a really exotic wood or marble table, go minimal on the decor. At the end of this post there are several table options to choose from.

2- Coffee table books: I already  posted  about my favorite ones. Go either by theme,such as  fashion, art, cars, architecture, etc.. or you can go by color: black and white, grey, reds etc..

3- Candles: Add stylish candles or ones that are popular. If that is out of the budget, you can always get the ones by Bath and Body Works or similar as long as they look elegant.

4- Vases or small stylish plates: You can ad up to 3 pieces depending how large the surface is. It is nice to have a metallic plate or accent piece. Vases in different dimensions give a beautiful feeling, try to steer away from fake flowers unless you come across really high quality ones.


Here are some beautiful inspirational images to help you put them together:


Below are additional coffee tables styles you might like, click on each for price and details.





Let me know your thoughts, would you attempt to do this yourself?

8 Replies to “Styling Your Coffee Table | Ideas And Sources”

  1. Thank you for the great and creative coffee table styling deas. I already have a simple table with some candles, but I need some books to make it even more stylish. The Ferrari book you suggest in your other post sounds like an good idea.

  2. Hi Sahar!
    What a great article! My mom will definitely love this as she always complaining how our coffee table always in mess and she has been wondering for a while now how to decorate the table to look more beautiful yet simple. Thanks!

  3. Great ! I never knew how people are doing so well to design their homes to make it feel so homey. will follow your tips.

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