Room Styling: Grey and Blush Living Room

I love working on mood-boards, I can never start a project without it. Today I felt like a grey interior would look nice, as an accent color I added  a blush pink only in hints. What is cool about adding color in minimal doses, is that when you tire of a color you can always change it without throwing away anything major. A  neutral base is very flexible and forgiving, I loved adding marble, a chevron printed rug, a gorgeous Kelly Wearstler table lamp, some nice table accessories, and a breezy curtain. I curated these online, below you will find details of each item in the collage above and a link in case you would like to purchase!

I will be posting different room styles from time to time, please let me know if there is a specific look you would like for me to work on.   Continue reading “Room Styling: Grey and Blush Living Room”