Design Your Own Kitchen : All You Need To Know

Poggen Pohl Kitchen

Designing your kitchen should be one of the most fun parts of designing your home. The kitchen is considered one of the most vital parts of the home, It is the one room almost everyone goes to for comfort! I know at my house, whenever we are lost, tired, hungry, or bored, we end up in the kitchen, I call it the comfort room.

So how do you design your own kitchen? Are there rules? Can we be spontaneous?  Well my answer is yes to both. There are rules yet at the same time the kitchen should be designed around your lifestyle. If cooking is an essential part of your life, it is natural to have 4 burners, a nice large oven, space to cut up vegetables, large fridge etc.. If you just order in and go for the basics, you might just need a microwave and a couple of burners. A kitchen for a family of 6 is different than one for a family of 3, and so on.

I will lay out the best points to consider when designing your kitchen:

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