Room Styling: Monochrome Grey Bathroom


As an interior designer, I find all rooms important in their own ways, the bathroom specifically is the most intimate room, it is the first room you go to when you wake up and the last when you go to sleep. It should be comforting, uncluttered, nicely styled ,and fits all necessary bathroom items. For instance, I never design a bathroom without a cupboard, unless it is a stylish guest bathroom then I skip it depending on the style of the sink. Other staples are having glass shower doors as opposed to curtains. I love the mirror to be extra large and preferably with space to store medication etc..

In this board, I used large grey tiles for the entire bathroom, walls and floor, and the Chevron patterned tiles to be used on 1 feature wall, could be the one behind the toilet seat.

Below there is a description and link to each of the above products. Please refer to the relevant links for technical details. Tiles are priced either by sq. foot or piece, or by specific quantities sold by the manufacturer. Calculate quantities prior to purchasing. All details are from the links provided.

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