The Best Coffee Table Books: Timeless Classics

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  1. Hi Sahar.

    What a great collection. I particularly like the art books, and the first Ferrari book. These would definitely be a welcome addition in my home.

    When you choose a book, do you usually go for a color that matches the rooms general look, or do you prefer something that breaks it up a little bit…? Perhaps a combo? 😉

    Anyway thanks for some good inspiration.

    1. Glad you like the post Michael! I go by theme in general,for my personal home, I love books that I am actually passionate about, I always buy books from museums I visit, I got a Frank Lloyd Right one when I visited MOMA last summer, we have around 5 Ferrari books, my husband loves them. I don’t use them just for my coffee table, I use them all around the house. Books are my favorite decoration. For clients it’s different, I usually start with what they like, and recommend accordingly. They are like art, it’s important the home owners feel connected to the books in some way.

  2. The Ultimate Cigar Book is a great book, great for a man cave coffee table. I have seen a copy of it at me friends house, and want to pick myself up a copy. I see it is a #1 best seller right now on Amazon.
    A great selection of coffee table books you have here.

  3. While I was living in Wyoming, I had a very “old West” vibe to my living room. I was able to get my hands on Louis L’Amour’s coffee table book Frontier. I partnered it with a few of his hard-bound books that I had, and I was just thrilled with the impact it had on the room. It is amazing how the right books on the coffee table can polish the room.

    1. So true, never under estimate the effect of a beautiful book, especially when it fits the theme or personal passions and interests! Thank you for dropping by!

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