Top Kitchen Appliances: My Current 5 Favorites

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  1. I absolutely love soda streamers. I use mine several times a day, it is god sent. I am also a big fan of the juicer. I have a different one, this one does look really good tho. I love making my own juices, I purchased my juicer second hand so it didn’t come with a container or anything which would have been good. It does the trick tho. I am really interested in the air fryer, Would I be able to put random vegetables in it? Also, what is the price on it? Thank you

  2. I love juicing in the mornings and recently my Jack LaLane juice extractor broke apart. To date, I did not purchase another one, because I have been checking out reviews on them. Seeing that this Breville brand is heavy duty, I’ll definitely give it a try. Glad I found your post.

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  4. I like all of these, and you article are very detailed, I like it! I will share this to one of my friends who ready to change his appliances, thank you!

  5. I’m definitely investing in that air fryer. I live in an apartment with only a small kitchen but this air fryer would give me enough room to pair with my George Foreman Grill. I’ve been baking sweet potato fries and potato tots often as my complex carb for the day, but the air fryer would be a definite upgrade and I would never have to use my oven ever again! I also like the fact you can make anything in it as well. Thanks a bunch for the rundown.

  6. HI SkyPath,

    I was going to say the same thing as what Ali said – I too love sodastreams! LOL – really really refreshing and surprisingly so. I could do with one of those as I only used one a few things in friends home. Never actually treated myself to one though.

    That has to change.

    I have a grill which I use every morning and its so handy. Onlly have to wipe it while its hot and its clean – well, its clean for ‘me’ anyways…

    I just looked again and I have to say these really are great products you have picked out for us SkyPath and really getting the whole lot is very tempting.

    I shall peruse some more here and get back to you should I have any questions. Thank you very much for your top 5 kitchen appliances recommendations. Much appreciated SkyPath 🙂 .

  7. You site is great and all articles are detailed and have good information. My boyfriend owns a restaurant and has that “bubble” (my word) chandelier in the center of his place. It get compliments all the time. I will check back and send this to my friends!

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