Trendy Chandeliers: My Current Top 8

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  1. A chandelier gives such an exotic lushes feeling when you see one.
    Lately we very seldom see a chandelier in houses, it is all the new minimalistic lighting.
    I love the first and the last one, I could not be restricted to just one …lol
    Thank you for this wonderful variety, they are own spectacular in their own right.
    Bush Lady.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful collection of amazing chandeliers, I will be moving to my own new house and I will definitely keep your amazing article in mind, I am going to bookmark it now. I love these chandeliers, so elegant yet stylish and look so amazing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Glad you like them! Hope you have fun selecting furniture for your new home, I will post ideas here so you can get inspired 🙂

  3. Sahar! So beautiful!
    Beautiful name!

    Okay, so I’m so impressed with your take on psychology in design. I’ve always been so impressed with interior decorators, but my true love is the human brain and to think there is someone out there that could help me design my home and create peace for my psyche??!! Wow!

    I love your niche!

    My favorite chandelier for just everyday would be the Orion 14-Light Floating Glass Globe LED Chandelier.

    But, on anotha post you had listed, I saw the Visual Comfort Lighting Ardent Medium Waterfall Chandelier and I would love to have that for like a formal room if I had one!

    Love your site, thank you!

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